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Mainline Backflow Products has been exciting the engineering community since 1997. MBP's unique and fresh design functions have given a new approach to an age old problem: effective sewer back-up protection with a better installation and access process. Once you maneuver though our web site you will better understand why engineers specify our products!

Whether it is the Mainline Full-port Backwater Valve with the patented 'open gate' design or the Adapt-a-Valve Extendable Backwater Valve that makes servicing deeper buried valves easy to access, MBP's award winning product designs are what makes our valves embraced by the most discerning engineers and municipalities in North America.

With close to 200,000 valves in the ground and virtually no failures, it is easy to see why Mainline Backflow Products is becoming the trend setter in backwater valves and sewer protection.

Visit our web-site often to view the new and exciting offerings MBP brings to the market place. Our vision of 'setting a new standard' ensures that we will be continually bringing new and innovative products forward.