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Association of Independent Manufacturers'/Representatives, Inc.

Canadian Home Builders' Association

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada


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Where to Buy - USA

Arizona, Nevada
The Marketing Pros
2221 W Melinda L N
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone: 623-217-2453
Website: www.marketingprosaz.com
Email: deljohnston1@yahoo.com

Southern California
Carrhill Company
7271 E. Slauson Avenue
City of Commerce, CA, 90034
Phone: 323-724-6087
Email: phil@carrhill.com

Florida & Georgia
Lynch Sales Group
1936 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., #426
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
Phone: 813-973-1028
Fax: 813-200-3474
Website: www.lynchsalesgroup.com
Email: michael@lynchsalesgroup.com

Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri
T. G. Rankin Co.
Phone: 636-532-4555
Email: tomjr@tgrankin.com

Indiana & Kentucky (excluding Boone, Campbell & Kenton counties)
Manufacturer's Marketing Inc.
5342 West 78th St
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317-590-7263
Fax: 317-896-3561
Website: www.mmirep.com
Email: mreed@mmirep.com

North & South Carolina
Lewis Marketing Inc.
Phone: 704-376-0262
Fax: 704-375-1850

New England States
J-L Sales
Phone: 781-444-8622
Email: joel@j-lsales.com

PMI Sales & Marketing Services Inc.
8967 Market St
Houston, TX 77029
Phone: 713-674-8735
Fax: 713-672-6000
Website: www.pmireps.com
Email: georgep@pmireps.com

Where to Buy - Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Mexico and South America

Gabe Coscarella
Phone: 1-877-734-8691
Email: sales@backwatervalve.com

Where to Buy - Canada

British Columbia
Hyline Sales
Phone: 604-856-5648
Website: www.hylinesales.com
Email: customer-service@hylinesales.com

Head Office
Phone: 780-413-7204 / 1-877-734-8691
Email: sales@backwatervalve.com

Ontario Project Manager - Bob Bielawski
Phone: 905-928-7327

Southern Ontario, Greater Toronto Area
Armco Agencies Inc.
Phone: 905-238-8448
Email: rich@armco.on.ca

Les Agences Lambert and Begin
Phone: 450-433-9292
Email: info@lambertbegin.com

Atlantic Canada
J. Wright Sales Ltd.
Phone: 506-459-5719
Email: jwsales@nbnet.nb.ca

Eastern and Northern Ontario
Can Mech Agencies
Phone: 613-831-3724
Email: chobbs@canmech.com