Adapt-A-Valve Inspection Chamber

An Inspection Chamber is a clean-out generally installed at the property line of a building. It allows the municipality or city to access the sanitary or storm sewers without disturbing the building owner. The municipality or city can service the laterals to the building with cleaning equipment for blockages or they can camera the lateral for inspection purposes. An Inspection Chamber installed at the property line can indicate whether the blockage is on the building owner’s side or the city/municipality’s side and whose responsibility it is for cleaning. Inspection Chambers can also be used for ‘sampling’ what is going through the lateral should the need arise to take samples. The Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber is versatile in that it can be adapted to become an extendible backwater valve or can be used to pressure test the lateral or isolate the lateral if need be. The body of the Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber has a special slot molded right into it that is designed to accept the backwater valve gate or the test/isolation gate. It is the only inspection chamber on the market that can be used as an inspection chamber, backwater valve and test/isolation device and that is why we call it the Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber!

PVC Inspection Chamber

Available in PVC.

The Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber is constructed to SDR 26 heavy wall sewer specifications which gives it far more strength and stability than it’s competition. The inspection chamber is designed for 4” laterals and has an 8” riser. Our improved gasket system features  heavier retained ‘sonic welded’ gaskets that allow easy insertion. The proven Adapt-a-Valve cassettes and receiver system is now integrated into the inspection chamber as well. This means that the inspection chamber can be adapted to a backwater valve with the insertion of the normally open or closed backwater valve gate/cassette or the Test Eze gate can be inserted to either pressure test the lateral or isolate the lateral. These optional accessories give the fitting the versatility that no other fitting has! Each body has a directional arrow embossed inside the fitting that can be used for color coding, to ensure there are no cross connections between sewer and sanitary laterals. The inspection chamber also has a ‘stabilization’ sleeve on the bottom of the body that allows the use of a 1/2” pipe or re-bar to aid in the stabilizing of the chamber during the backfill process.

Inspection Chamber Lids and Collars

We made a lid and collar to fit our (and other) inspection chambers. The Mainline lids and collars are air tight which allows mainline and lateral testing without the use of inflatable test balls. The lid locks with the turn of the locking bolt and pressure relief can be confirmed with the vent port. Color coded lids are available in blue, red, green, white. The Mainline lids are designed to accept the ScotchMark TM Electronic Marker System. They come standard with a metal disc for location purposes.